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Realizing Potential Through Partnership with Gilead Group

Investment partnerships are often measured against strict investment timelines. At Gilead Group, we understand that truly great ideas don’t always blossom as expected, even with the benefit of thorough analytical foresight. With agility, adaptation, and a willingness to see its partnerships through, Gilead Group offers purposeful strategic support and a long-term commitment to its portfolio companies.

For Gilead, partnerships must be grounded in meaningful mentorship and a shared vision. As conditions evolve, we collaborate on needed changes and work to seize new opportunities as they emerge. In some cases, growth is faster than expected. Gilead Group empowers its partner companies with strategic support and capital needed to capture new markets.

The efficacy of this approach is evident in the achievements of companies like Linxup and Joink. These partnerships achieved remarkable growth resulting in more significant capitalization from larger investment interests and healthy returns for Gilead Group. 

Linxup’s Accelerated Trajectory with Spectrum Equity

In February 2019, Linxup reached new heights in its journey of providing SaaS-based telematics and tracking solutions with an investment from Spectrum Equity. This renowned growth equity firm recognized Linxup’s potential and advantages in a growing market. The partnership opened new avenues for Linxup to reinforce its position as a leader in the industry.

“We’re extremely proud of how rapidly and profitably we’ve grown our business over the last several years, and we are thrilled that Spectrum Equity has validated our efforts with their investment,” said Paul Inman, then CEO of Agilis Systems.

Linxup’s intuitive platform, catering to various industries such as trucking, construction, and home services, has garnered a substantial user base. Gilead Group’s support, both financial and strategic, was instrumental in Linxup’s growth journey.

Read the Press Release: Spectrum Equity Invests in Linxup, formerly known as Agilis Systems

Joink and DIF Capital Partners: Transforming Indiana and Illinois Connectivity

In November 2021, DIF Capital Partners announced their investment in the fiber network platform and Gilead Group company, Joink. This growth capital partnership, facilitated by Gilead Group, set the stage for Joink to reshape the Internet Service landscape in Western Indiana and Eastern Illinois.

“DIF believes the future fiber-to-the-home roll out is critical to ensure that residents in Indiana and Illinois have reliable high-speed internet access through Joink’s fiber network,” shared Willem Jansonius, Partner and Head of Investments for the DIF CIF strategy.

Joink, which began its journey providing internet services in 2001, has evolved into a key player in the industry. Gilead Group’s support has not only attracted strategic investment but has also ensured that all existing investors continue to remain invested, signifying a harmonious approach to growth.

Read the Press Release: DIF Capital Partners to invest in US fiber platform Joink

Nurturing Opportunities for Future Investment Partnerships

These success stories underscore Gilead Group’s distinctive approach to investment. It goes beyond financial backing; it involves strategic guidance, operational insights, and a commitment to long-term success. The ability to nurture businesses to new heights not only benefits the companies in question but also creates opportunities for further investment and growth.

“We’ve been delighted to witness the achievements of Linxup and Joink. Their success is a testament to the efficacy of our partnership approach,” stated Kim King, Gilead Group’s Managing Director.

Gilead Group’s role extends beyond investment and our partnerships are catalysts for growth. We believe our approach optimizes opportunity for our portfolio businesses, leading to a confident support relationship. Contact Gilead Group for any investment partnership inquiries.

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