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Recall Results: Delivering Crucial Product Recall Services Across Industries

At the core of any successful contact center operation is an unyielding focus on clear and efficient communication. Gilead Group company Realtime Results began in the call center industry and built its success by a set of core values that places clients at the center. Thanks to their strong growth and client satisfaction, Realtime Results was able to acquire one of the country’s most knowledgeable and capable product recall management teams.

Ever since the acquisition, Realtime Results has invested in its team of recall professionals, increasing capacity and expanding services. Through their Recall Results service program, they have become a premier partner for businesses with complex recall management needs.

Recall Results Cuts Cost and Preserves Customer Relationships

Large product recalls present an array of delicate challenges for companies seeking to preserve customer relationships. The central message of a recall program is the company’s desire to “make it right,” but customers can be understandably annoyed at the inconvenience a recall may present them. Additionally, recalls must follow strict government regulations that vary between states and industries.

It is no surprise that business operators want to manage recall operations carefully and with confidence in the process. As a result, Recall Results has emerged as a leading partner for knowledgeable product recall management.

The key services that Recall Results can offer begin with recall communication, notice design, and implementation. When it comes to providing accurate information and customer support, notifications are the first and most impactful line of communication. 

Recall Results assists in designing the message and implements mass notification according to relevant laws and regulations. As customers respond to the initial recall notice, Recall Results activates its state-of-the-art contact center facilities. Their skilled agents provide specialized support to customers by phone and email, facilitating a smooth recall process.

The customer experience is of paramount concern throughout the process. Recall Results supports convenient web-based recall registrations to help keep everyone on the same page. 

Recall Product Management for Every Stage of the Process

Realtime Results offers a range of product handling services that are configurable to the needs of each client. Product collection, storage, repair, and destruction are all handled for clients. Recall Results also offers onsite technical repair services throughout North America through a network of over 20,000 technicians.

When end users need refunds, Recall Results facilitates the issuance of checks or gift cards and the management of recall funds. Along the way, they also offer recall data management and reporting so clients are well aware of any progress made and costs accrued. 

Specialized Services by Industry

Recall Results has years of experience helping different kinds of organizations design and manage complex recall operations. There are certain demands unique to any industry when a recall is necessary. This is especially true of pharmaceutical recalls. 

Regulations for recalls in the pharmaceutical industry are dense and numerous. The resulting costs and internal workload are often unexpectedly weighty, complicating recall management. Recall Results can step in and handle the burden with experience and efficiency. Regardless of your industry or unique challenges, Recall Results can facilitate a product recall that adheres to legal standards and provides the most positive experience possible for your consumers. 

Gilead Group is proud of what Realtime Results has been able to accomplish through their Recall Results services. From communication to retrieval, refunds, replacements, repair, and reporting, Recall Results provides vital services for organizations dealing with complicated product recalls. 

Some Additional Facts

  • Recall Results provides direct notification to over 500,000 consumers each year on behalf of our partners.
  • We have processed more than 1,000,000 payments on behalf of our clients.
  • We have more than 15 years of experience in product recall management and coordination.
  • We provide multilingual call center support from domestic facilities in the United States.
  • We provide global coverage through our partnership with Marketpoint Recall

If you have an urgent recall management need, or simply want to be prepared for a future recall, get in touch with the capable and friendly folks at Realtime Results. Find contact information and more at realtimeresults.com.

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