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C4 Connections Spins Up Sales for Other Businesses

Modern technology may allow us the freedom to work and communicate from anywhere, but nothing can replace face-to-face interactions. Door-to-door sales are as critical as ever to meeting financial quotas. The problem is, building a top-notch sales team can be time-consuming.

C4 Connections, a Gilead Group company, is in the business of helping other businesses. It connects companies with effective teams dedicated to driving sales anywhere in the country.

A Cost-Efficient Approach to Door-to-Door Sales

In 2003, a team of former senior cable executives created C4 Connections. Their goal was to find a more cost-effective way for telecommunications companies to produce sales. Since then, C4 Connections has evolved into one of the country’s largest and most well-respected sales groups. While it still focuses on telecommunications, it also serves businesses in the retail and energy industries.

C4 Connections brings a team of sales professionals to your market to sell directly to potential customers. That means no catch-all ads or postcards getting stuffed into mailboxes. Instead, C4 Connections’ team will strategically target likely customers through door-to-door sales, business-to-business sales, and marketing events.

Every campaign is strategy-based, built on efficient processes, and produces immediate results. The best part? Businesses only pay when C4 Connections delivers a customer

C4 Connections has successfully grown campaigns for companies like AT&T, DirecTV, Time Warner Cable, CenturyLink, Comcast, Charter Communications, and Cox Cable. For three years in a row, it was named the West Region Dealer of the Year for AT&T.

Built on Ambition.

Every sales expert at C4 Connections has one thing in common: drive. C4 Connections hires people who thrive on tackling challenges. Then, it invests in them. It makes for energetic teams with high-level skills. 

Entry Level representatives are hired for the smile and trained for the skill. These lessons aren’t just limited to product knowledge. Representatives learn the psychology of closing a sale, unique sales techniques, and tactics for efficiency.

Veteran Agents bring years of experience to the team. They mentor newer team members as they lay the building blocks for their own future through the Manager in Training program.

Managers join the sales force because they’re ready to level up. They dive into their next chapter at C4 Connections because of its bonus structure, competitive commission, and company revenue sharing.

Sales Teams can also stick together as they take on new campaigns at C4 Connection. These groups have chemistry, history, and experience to back them up as they embark on their next challenge together. 

Sales, Anywhere

Wherever you’re looking to go, C4 Connections has a team to get you there. You can take control of your business’s financial future and growth by securing sales through C4 Connections.

Sales representatives are enthusiastic and ready to quickly jump into a campaign wherever needed. You’ll find flexibility, efficiency, and, most of all, successful outcomes. 

Once you’re ready to grow your sale, link up with C4 Connections to launch a campaign in your area.

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