C4 Connections, LLC is a direct sales and marketing organization. The C4 leadership team is comprised of former cable executives who provide extensive years of industry experience and expertise. C4 Connections was founded with the goal of partnering with cable MSO’s and other telecommunications companies to provide a more cost-efficient approach to door-to-door sales. The management and staff of C4 Connections have set the highest standards and strive to deliver above and beyond industry expectations.

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C4 Connections

Joink LLC, started out as a pioneer in the delivery of wireless Internet services to rural and underserved markets in Illinois and Indiana. Headquartered in Terre Haute, IN, today Joink is a leading regional provider of bandwidth services and IT technology solutions. Joink provides fiber and wireless high-speed Internet solutions to area residential and business users servicing some of the areas largest hospitals, schools and financial institutions. The company’s Technology Services Group provides technology consulting and support including: data center services, network design and implementation, data security services, server virtualization and management and software development.

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Joink Trusted Technology Solutions

Realtime began as a business selling and coordinating connections and disconnections of new and existing services for movers. As part of that work, its people gained detailed knowledge and experience working with the back-office processes and systems in a myriad of service based industries – cable and telecommunications, utilities, security and many more. From those experiences, they developed what is today one of the industry’s leading mobile software solutions for field sales and service teams – Open Door. Realtime essentially developed that tool by building the solution we would want to use ourselves, and our customers have responded very favorably. Their work helping movers also allowed them to develop expertise in call center operations. As part of that arm of operations, they acquired a talented team focused on Product Recall. Today, the Product Recall division (Recall Results) is a leader in serving as a consultant and an outsourced provider of Product Recall planning, support and services.

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Realtime Results

Gilead Group's first minority investment is with its co-founder, David Barford. With over 13 years of experience, Archlogix is the leading provider of handset based GPS and work management solutions. Its products have helped thousands of businesses to eliminate manual & paper-based time keeping.

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Archlogix - Drive greater productivity and profits