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Introducing Solo Hustle, an All-In-One Management Solution for Small Business

The Gilead Group Family Welcomes an Incredible New Service

What does a startup business need in order to succeed? Combine an exciting product with a brilliant business plan, a motivated team, and a demand-rich market, and you may be on to something. However, even the best-laid business plans and value propositions can fail without operational management that is efficient and productive.

That is why we are excited to share Solo Hustle, a new management solution from Archlogix. It’s a game-changing product created specifically for Freelancers and small businesses. Designed for all kinds of small businesses, Solo Hustle is configurable to include as many or as few features that are needed to help users manage their business operations.

Small businesses and Freelancers need to spend their time and limited resources on generating revenue and growing their business. Instead, many find themselves struggling with the administrative hurdles of back-office management. Solo Hustle helps simplify the back office. It does so by delivering the kind of scalable management solutions that large companies already have access to, calibrated to the particular needs of a small or startup business.

Features You Need When You Need Them

Solo Hustle makes available an array of immediately useful features and management functions, each customizable to serve the needs of any business or side hustle. Instead of having multiple different software solutions across multiple browser tabs, Solo Hustle provides a unified view of the business and provides insights to help maintain and grow revenue. 

Client Tracking

An easily searchable database of current customers and prospects empowers Solo Hustle users to better manage customer relationships. With each client profile, users can view a history of communication, a list of associated projects, and a complete record of invoices. All of this information updates automatically as projects and transactions are documented in Solo Hustle’s project management system.

Project Management

Keep your client and project data together with Solo Hustle. The Project Management feature lets you organize the details of each project in a simple and straightforward manner. Create task lists, assign tasks, and view up-to-the-minute progress reports as projects advance. Users can even track time for each task, making it possible to measure labor costs and identify operational challenges. Project records also include vital documents such as proposals and invoices.

Proposals and Invoices

Solo Hustle users can build proposal templates to create fast, professional proposals for future projects. Proposals made in Solo Hustle are polished and elegant. They include only necessary information, and allow users to showcase their previous work. And when the time comes to get paid, Solo Hustle also handles invoicing. Users can track payments, integrate payment data with financial reports, and manage collections activity.

Solo Hustle Represents the Guiding Values of Gilead Group and Archlogix

The beating heart behind Gilead Group is the desire to identify businesses with incredible potential and foster their growth through investment of capital, time, and strategic effort. Archlogix helps their clients drive productivity and profits with innovative software solutions. Their newest product, Solo Hustle, carries the torch for Gilead Group and Archlogix by offering entrepreneurs a flexible management solution they can use to grow.

Learn more about Solo Hustle and see it in action.

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